A Docker container with the video streaming tools you need

docker run -it -v /Users/myuser:/mnt eyevinntechnology/toolbelt:latest /bin/bash

How to use it

docker run -it -v /Users/myuser:/mnt eyevinntechnology/toolbelt:latest /bin/bash
Welcome to Eyevinn Technology's streaming toolbelt

If you don't want to run as super user:

su - eyevinn

Installed pre-compiled packages for:
- ffmpeg
- Bento4 (https://www.bento4.com)
- Shaka Packager (https://github.com/google/shaka-packager)


Questions about this Docker image? Send an email to us at info@eyevinn.se or chat with us on Twitter (@InfoEyevinn)
root@cb78e699371d:~# su - eyevinn
eyevinn@cb78e699371d:~$ ffprobe /mnt/Movies/trailer.mp4

How to contact us

About us



We are consultants sharing the passion for the technology for a media consumer of the future.

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