S05E08: Game of Streams (Economy of Scale)

Our Media Solution Specialist, Magnus Svensson, is sharing his reflections on the online streaming industry in this post. This is part of a monthly series so make sure to follow us here if you don’t want to miss an episode.

Moving FAST

As viewers move to streaming, the lean back experience and linear TV channels remain a popular option. In a recent study from nScreenMedia the FAST services will reach 216 million monthly active users in 2023. It is also estimated that the services will drive ad revenue from $2.1 billion in 2021 to $4.1 billion in 2023 only in the US.

Our biggest competitor is sleep…

The border between video entertainment, social media and gaming is getting more blurred for every day. Both Snapchat and TikTok reached impressive numbers of views during the Olympics, just emphasizing the way that the viewing behavior is changing. With the growing amount of content available it is much about finding the audience where they are and quickly get the viewers’ attention. Instead, or as a complement to, watching the complete sports event we tend to follow the athletes behind the scenes.

To watch out for the coming months…

Mergers and acquisitions have been reported in a rapid pace the last period. Sony finalized the acquisition of Crunchyroll. Peer5 has been acquired by Microsoft. Adobe announced that they will acquire Frame.io. Synamedia announced it has acquired ContentArmor.

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