Extending our WebRTC streaming POC with MPEG-TS support


To address this my colleague Marcus Spangenberg developed a small application that can consume an MPEG-TS stream and ingest over WebRTC using the WHIP protocol. A tool that we now also have made available as open source.

./mpeg-ts-client -a -p 9998 -u https://whip.dev.eyevinn.technology/api/v1/whip/broadcaster
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/mnt eyevinntechnology/toolbox-loopts \
--withtc \
--withaudio \
VINN.mp4 \
[2022-04-27 21:06:06.335] Creating pipeline mpegTsAddress, mpegTsPort 9998, mpegTsBufferSize 1000000000 ns
[2022-04-27 21:06:06.612] New pipeline clock
[2022-04-27 21:06:07.613] Dynamic pad created, type video/x-h264
[2022-04-27 21:06:07.616] Dynamic pad created, type audio/mpeg
[2022-04-27 21:06:07.722] onNegotiationNeeded
[2022-04-27 21:06:08.020] onOfferCreated
[2022-04-27 21:06:10.448] Server responded with resource https://whip.dev.eyevinn.technology:443/api/v1/whip/broadcaster/9368aeb1-1ba8-42b2-b322-f5dcf02b6e5e
[2022-04-27 21:06:10.448] Setting local SDP
[2022-04-27 21:06:10.448] Setting remote SDP


If you would want to take the feed from an RTSP camera instead we could use ffmpeg to consume the RTSP feed and remux to an MPEG-TS stream first.

ffmpeg -i rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip>/stream1 \
-vcodec copy \
-acodec aac \
-f mpegts \


And in a similar way we could take an MPEG-TS that is transmitted using SRT (Secure Reliable Transport).

ffmpeg -i srt:// \
-vcodec copy \
-acodec copy \
-f mpegts \

Open Source

As mentioned before, all the source code for this is open source so we welcome you to contribute and give feedback. This WHIP-client has mainly been developed by Marcus Spangenberg from Eyevinn Technology.



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