Keeping the viewer engaged

S05E06: Game of Streams (Keeping the viewer engaged)

Our Media Solution Specialist, Magnus Svensson, is sharing his reflections on the online streaming industry in this post. This is part of a monthly series so make sure to follow us here if you don’t want to miss an episode.

Who pick up the cord-cutters?

In the US, the households continue to cancel their cable/satellite subscriptions in a rapid pace, mostly in favor of subscription streaming services, but also trying to find less expensive ways to watch content. The virtual alternatives, or skinny bundles as they sometimes are called, has become quite fat and is no longer the main alternative when cutting the cord. Free ad-funded television services (or FAST) are instead picking up a lot of the previous cable viewers.

To watch out for the coming months…

Merger and acquisitions will be frequently announced during the coming months, both on the technology vendors side as well as on the streaming service side. We have already seen a couple of large mergers and some smaller and more will come.

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