Quality of Experience in Streaming

Andreas Rossholm, Ph.D and consultant at Eyevinn Technology

Quality of Experience and its Influence Factors

With the increasing usage of audiovisual communication technology systems delivering media to humans, the need for evaluation of the quality is essential. This includes both media-to-human systems, e.g. streaming as Netflix, and human-to-human systems, e.g. two-way audiovisual applications as Skype. It can also be seen that the quality per se is getting increased attention both in the context of increased resolution and dynamic range e.g. 4k and HDR but also in combination with efficient usage of bandwidths as for Netflix per-title encode optimization or enable video over cellular networks like 3G/4G.

Figure 1: Processing chain for audiovisual communication.


As been described in this article QoE is a complex concept and addressing many areas both when it comes to its definitions as what factors that influences the experienced quality. To emphasize two takeaways from the text above these are first: that when the system influence factors, which are related to the technical part of producing QoE, should be evaluated the whole end-2-end chain needs to be taken into count and second, that it is not only the technical aspects that contributes to the final perceived experience and these are not deterministic.


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