Securing OTT Content — Watermarking


New Content Sharing Methods

What is Watermarking?

Visual Watermarking

Fig 2. Examples of visual watermarks. The left example is intrusive an may be sent to subtitling companies etc. The example to the right is less intrusive but may be easier cropped.
Fig 3. Video content distribution chain. Visual watermark is applied by the client player software.

Forensic Watermarking

Fig 4. Example of forensic watermarking. Certain pixels of the video image are slightly modified to create a unique copy. The modification is invisible for the naked eye.

Manifest Based Forensic Watermarking (A/B Watermarking)

Fig 5. Forensic watermarking system overview.
Fig 6. Session unique manifest pointing out a unique combination of segments between the two copies of the same content.

Bitstream Based Forensic Watermarking

Fig 7. Integration between watermarking vendors and packager vendors achieve optimal scalability applying a stream unique watermark in content.

Final Note



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