Standardized WebRTC based broadcast streaming is being recognized by the industry

WHIP Web Client

A small update to our WHIP web client NPM package was needed to support WHIP endpoints that does not have trickle ICE support. It will not try with trickle ICE if the OPTIONS response from the WHIP endpoint does not include the HTTP method PATCH in the Access-Control-Allowed-Methods header or you manually force the client not to try.

WebRTC Player Library

Our WebRTC player NPM package now supports WHEP in addition to WHPP. With this addition you can start playback of a stream from any WHEP compliant WebRTC provider.

WebRTC Egress Library

We are currently working on adding support for WHEP in our WebRTC egress library in addition to WHPP that it currently supports.

  • Further development of any of these components
  • Customization and integration of any of these components into your platform
  • Support and maintenance agreement



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