Understanding Real-time Bidding for AVOD Services

Author: Jonas Rydholm Birmé

Real-time Bidding Marketplace

Waterfall Auction and Header Bidding

Open RTB

  1. The Video Ad Inserter (either server-side or client-side component) issues an Ad Request containing tags, user data, IAB categories, device data, and desired duration to fill to the Sell-side Platform (SSP)
  2. The SSP constructs an OpenRTB Bid Request that is “broadcasted” to the Demand-side Platforms (DSP) on its list. Including in the Bid Request a floor price is set.
  3. Each DSP responds with a Bid Reponse and its bid.
  4. The SSP chooses a winner (waterfall or header) and sends a notice to the winning DSP with the settlement price.
  5. In response to the win notification the SSP receives the Ad Markup including impression tracking URLs, creatives etc.
  6. The Ad Markup is then returned to the Video Ad Inserter.





We are consultants sharing the passion for the technology for a media consumer of the future.

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Eyevinn Technology

Eyevinn Technology

We are consultants sharing the passion for the technology for a media consumer of the future.

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