WHIP Endpoint Library now supporting an origin and edge SFU topology

A topology of SFUs with WHIP as ingest and WHPP/WHEP as egress protocols

Origin and Single Edge

We can start with a simpler setup where we have one origin and one single edge as the diagram below shows.

Origin and Multiple Edges

For a setup with one origin and multiple edges as illustrated below you need to slightly modify your WHIP endpoint service.


As shown by this example there are building blocks that are open source available that you can use to build a scalable WebRTC based broadcast distribution with a standardized way of ingesting and consuming media. At the moment these blocks support a specific media server and the egress endpoint only WHPP, however if you want help in extending the WHIP endpoint library to support other media servers or want WHEP added to the egress endpoint just drop an email to us at sales@eyevinn.se. Or you can do it yourself and contribute back to these projects. It’s open source!



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